Review and appeal process for Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)

The review process for Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) funding can be used when:

  • an application for ORS is declined 
  • a student receiving ORS funding has a significant change in their circumstances or new information relating to their eligibility becomes available.

Review process for ORS

When an application for ORS is unsuccessful or circumstances change, the applicant can request a review of the verifiers' decision. They must do this in writing and within 6 months of the original application. It is expected the educator will complete the request for review in collaboration with the student’s parents and team.

The request can be made by email or letter and must provide additional information about the student.

You may like to go through the decision letter that explained why the application was declined. If there is anything in the explanation that you or those working with the student feel is not an accurate interpretation of the student’s needs this may be a good starting point around which to base the additional information.

You may also like to clarify or expand on the information in the application to give the verifiers a complete picture of the student’s needs.

The verifiers consider the additional information along with the original application.

The verifiers write a detailed letter explaining the review decision.

Appeal process for ORS

The verifiers make every effort to help parents reach an understanding of the decision.

If, after a minimum of two reviews of the application, the parents are not satisfied with the verifiers' decision, they can write to the Secretary for Education to request an appeal under Section 10 of the Education Act (1989).

The appeal process is arranged independently of the verifiers. The Ministry of Education and the parents agree on an approved arbitrator from outside the Ministry to conduct the appeal. The Manager Assurance and Eligibility presents the Ministry's position at the appeal hearing.

An appeal is a formal process made by the parent or caregiver (not the early childhood education centre or school).

Please note any new information about the student that has not been previously seen by the panel of verifiers cannot be part of the appeal process. If new information is presented during an appeal hearing the arbitrator will suspend the hearing to enable the new information to be considered by the panel of verifiers.

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