Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)

The Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) provides support for students with the highest ongoing levels of need for specialist support to enable them to attend school, join in and learn alongside other students at school.

In this section

  • what ORS funding provides
  • who qualifies for ORS
  • how ORS funding is managed, and
  • how to resolve any differences.

Overview of ORS(external link)

Overview table of the criteria plus links to the definitions of the 9 ORS criteria and examples of students who meet them.

Criteria for ORS(external link)

How to choose and fill out an application form for ORS.

Apply for ORS(external link)

How ORS applications are assessed after an application is made.

Verification process for ORS(external link)

How to reapply for ORS or review an ORS application decision.

Review and appeal processes for ORS(external link)

Why some ORS applications are checked and how.

Checking visit process for ORS(external link)

When an Individual Observation visit for ORS may be needed.

Individual Observation visit process for ORS(external link)

What resources ORS funding provides and how to make the best use of them (specialists, additional teachers, teacher aide time, and consumables).

Resources for students in ORS(external link)

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