Special Assessment Conditions (SAC)

Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) provide extra help for approved students when they are being assessed for their NCEA (National Certificate Educational Achievement) allowing them a fair opportunity to achieve credits. Guidelines are available to help heads of learning support design school practices to support effective assessments of all students. There is also an online module for reader writers.

Guidelines for heads of learning support

This Providing effective assessment assistance(external link) guide is for heads of learning support or those in similar roles, to assist with designing school practices to support effective assessment of all students.

E-learning module for reader/writers

This self-paced online module being an effective assessment assistant(external link) introduces the reader/writers to the key skills, roles and responsibilities of the role in formal assessments. 

Note: Use Internet Explorer or Edge to access the online module. Using Chrome as your internet browser may mean to access the module, you need to unblock Adobe Flash Player.

Applying for SAC

SAC can include the use of a writer or reader, computer, rest breaks, Braille or enlarged papers.

  • Schools need to apply for special assessment conditions on behalf of their students. 
  • New applicants need to apply in October for the following year.
  • Rollover and change applications apply in February for that year.

Which students may be eligible for Special Assessment Conditions (SAC)?(external link) - NZQA website

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