Behaviour services to help schools and students

Services to manage difficult behaviour and its effect on schools, families and whānau, and communities.

Support for schools to manage challenging student behaviour - New guidance for schools managing challenging student behaviour includes strategies for preventative and de-escalation techniques and information on a new training workshops for schools.

Behaviour Support (was Severe behaviour services) is a team of specialists. Call Behaviour Services if a student is experiencing extreme behaviour difficulties. A specialist will work with the student, teachers, family and whānau.

Behaviour Crisis Response Service - For situations where extreme behaviour causes a crisis at your school, contact your district office (Learning support service) for immediate help from your local Behaviour Crisis Response Service.

Dealing with an emergency or traumatic incident - You can also contact your local Traumatic incident team. They work with incidents involving people, and also natural disasters.  They can help you prepare an emergency plan.

Interim Response Fund - Apply for the interim response fund short-term funding to help your school when extreme behaviour reaches crisis point. Pay for short-term resources, meet student needs, and get learning back on track.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) - Positive Behaviour for Learning covers 10 services that improve well-being and behaviour of children and students, and relationships in schools. Services are for children and students, schools, and family and whānau.


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