Verification process for Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)

When an application is made for Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) funding, it goes to a team of verifiers who follow a verification process.

About the verifiers for ORS

Ministry’s ORS verifiers are experienced in learning support in the early childhood, primary and secondary education sectors. Each verifier also has additional expertise in a particular area of learning support.

Verifiers work to high professional standards. To make sure their decisions about eligibility are impartial, each verifier works from a separate location. They report to the Ministry’s Manager of Assurance and Eligibility.

The ORS verification process

Verifiers consider the information in an ORS application against the ORS criteria, applying them consistently regardless of where the child is to attend, or attends, school.

The verification process usually takes three weeks, but can be longer if the verifiers request more information to help them make a decision.

Once the verifiers make a decision, a letter is sent to the parents and the early intervention centre or school.
Steps in the verification process

  1. Three verifiers independently consider each application.
  2. Each verifier records their independent decision. The three verifiers then discuss the application and make a unanimous decision.
  3. The verifiers record the consensus decision on a national database and advise the educator and the parents of the outcome of their application in writing.
  4. If the verifiers don’t have enough information to reach a decision, they ask the educator to provide more information.
  5. The decision process is repeated with each verifier independently considering the additional information.
  6. If the 3 verifiers are unable to reach agreement, the application is considered independently by the full panel of verifiers who take part in the decision process.

ORS audit visits

If the full panel of verifiers don’t reach an agreement and the application seems close to meeting a criterion, then two verifiers may visit the child’s early childhood education centre or the student’s school to make sure all the relevant information has been presented.

These two verifiers will then report their observations and any findings from reviewing documentation to the other verifiers.
After that, the decision process is repeated and the verifiers' report is included as part of the information about the child or student's needs.

Go to audit process for ORS for more information on how audit visits are carried out.

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