Learning support and special school related facilities' property entitlement

Find the links to the range of special education facilities hosted at New Zealand schools.

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  • Boards
  • Proprietors
  • Principals and Tumuaki

Boards may be entitled to property funding to accommodate these facilities at your school. Further reading will be required depending on the type of facility. 

Calculating property entitlement for facilities

The types of provision in New Zealand are:

Day and residential special schools including satellite classrooms on host school sites (run by day and residential special schools).

Day and residential specialist schools

Special school satellite classrooms on host school sites

Regional health schools and provision on school sites.

Regional health school facilities on school sites

Resource teachers: Learning and Behaviour, and Social Workers in Schools (who are based in host school sites)

Resource teachers: Learning and Behaviour, and Social Workers in Schools

Sensory resource centres on school sites (as a base for services for students with needs related to vision and/or hearing),

Sensory resource centres

Learning support related spaces in schools that are established by the school board of trustees.

Special schools property guide

The special schools property guide is used to calculate your property entitlement for special school related facilities. On each of the pages linked above, you'll find the formulas specific for each type of facility.

Each year we calculate the space deficiency at every school, regardless of the type of school, by comparing its entitlement with its actual space. We then prioritise schools to work out which have the greatest need within our available funding.

Find out more about the SPG calculation process.

Non-teaching space funding

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