Non-teaching Space funding

The Non Teaching Space (NTS) Deficiency funding programme provides funding for non-teaching areas when your school has less space than it is entitled to. This funding is not automatic — it goes to schools with the greatest need.

NTS funding for non-teaching space

The NTS funding programme provides funding for non-teaching areas when your school has less space than it's entitled to. Non-teaching areas can include:

  • administration areas
  • libraries
  • resource areas
  • staffrooms.

Space entitlement

New teaching space funding

Funding is allocated to schools with the greatest need

If you have less non-teaching space than you're entitled to, there's no guarantee that you'll get NTS funding. The NTS funding programme ranks schools to work out which ones have the greatest need for non-teaching space.

The amount of NTS funding available in any given year will depend on government priorities.

To identify the greatest need we rank schools as follows:

  • Schools that have no spare teaching space and have a projected roll of growing or stable.
  • The percentage deficit of non-teaching space — that is, the amount of deficit of non-teaching space compared to non-teaching space entitlement in percentage terms. Using percentage deficiency rather than deficiency in square metres is more equitable for schools as it adjusts for the relative size of schools.

If your school qualifies for NTS funding and makes it onto the programme we'll notify you and provide you with a budget.

Spending NTS funding

You can use your NTS funding to best meet your school’s needs for non-teaching areas. However, you must meet the following conditions.

You must include all approved NTS projects in your 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP)

10 Year Property Plan (10YPP)

Non-teaching space funds need to have a tender report completed within 12 months of allocation of the funding to be incorporated into an existing roll-growth project.

You must get Ministry approval for your NTS project before it can begin.

You must make sure the work meets all legislative requirements and Ministry design standards.

Property design standards and legal requirements

You must build the amount of new square metres you're funded for; the previous policy which allowed you to build a smaller space and record the difference as accommodation in lieu (AiL) is no longer available.

You must cover all costs in the project budget, including site works and services.

We'll remove your school from the programme and withdraw your funding if you:

  • don't have a tender report completed for the NTS project within 12 months of allocation, or include an NTS project in your 10YPP within 2 years of receiving funding, or
  • the project hasn't been incorporated into an existing roll-growth project within 12 months of allocation.

Returning unspent NTS funding to the Ministry

If you have any unspent project funds from your NTS budget you must return them to the Ministry at the end of the project. We can then: 

  • accurately record the actual cost of the project in K2
  • credit the project savings to your next capital project.

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