Managing school finances

School finance information, including how to prepare your school’s financial statements and general financial management information.

Schools' annual report (annual financial statement)

This is the Kiwi Park School model annual financial statement. It shows how to prepare your annual report, which is due to us by 31 May each year.

Schools' annual report (annual financial statement)

Financial information for schools handbook (FISH)

The handbook provides information to encourage best practice in financial governance, financial management and reporting.

Financial Information for Schools Handbook [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Financial Information for Schools Handbook [DOCX, 527 KB]

Buy vs Lease Tool [XLSM, 99 KB]

Model financial policies

These Kiwi Park School example policies have been developed to help your school manage a range of common financial situations:

Attendance dues accounts — state-integrated schools

Proprietors of state-integrated schools need to prepare annual attendance dues accounts. There's a template and example for you to follow, with notes to explain the entries in the example.

Attendance dues accounts for integrated schools [DOC, 85 KB]

Capital works — state schools

You need to manage funds for capital works in accordance with your school's 5-year agreement for capital funding (5YA).

Capital works — state schools

Capital works — state-integrated schools

Proprietors of state-integrated schools own or lease their school property and are responsible for capital works. Boards can undertake capital works with the proprietor's and Ministry of Education's approval. Read about the correct process when your board undertakes and funds capital works on land owned by the proprietor.

Capital works — state-integrated schools

Raising funds — state-integrated schools

Both boards of trustees and proprietors of state-integrated schools can raise funds. These funds must be used for purposes that match the roles and responsibilities of your board of trustees and proprietor. The funds raised by each party must be kept separate.

Raising funds - state-integrated schools

Model liquidation statement — Kiwi Park School

The Kiwi Park School model liquidation statement illustrates the suggested format and content for your school’s statement of movements in equity, statement of financial position and notes to the statements.

Model liquidation statement — Kiwi Park Primary School

Related parties — state-integrated schools

All integrated schools have a proprietor. Under current financial reporting standards, the proprietor is a related party for all state-integrated schools because it has representatives on your board.

The following example of related-party disclosure notes covers the most common disclosures that your school may need to make in its financial statements.

Related parties — state-integrated schools

School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR) Guidelines, Checklist and Certification

The SAAR guidelines and checklist show how your school should update its financial records for Novopay payroll information.

The SAAR certification form is to be used by your school as evidence that the personnel cost contained in your financial system has been reviewed and is correct.

Your school needs to keep the certificate with your personnel records and show it to your school auditor.

SAAR Reconciliation 2019 Instructions [PDF, 708 KB]

School Annual Accrual Report Certification form [PDF, 91 KB]

If you have difficulty accessing these documents email:

School tax issues

Your school board, school trust and parent teacher association (PTA) needs to know about how the Charities Act 2005 affects you and whether you need to register with the Charities Commission.

School tax issues

Our Education Circular 2018/01 provide more details on payments by parents, such as fees and donations.

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