Property training and events

The Ministry offers training to project managers and 10YPP Consultants wanting to work with schools through a variety of training courses, online learning and consultant briefings. We also hold regional sector forums for school representative groups where we provide updates and encourage the exchange of information.

10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) training for Consultants

This programme is for consultants who will be developing 10 Year Property Plans (10YPPs). All 10YPPs must be prepared by a consultant who has passed the Ministry’s training and works for a company on our supplier panel. 

10 Year Property Plans (10YPP)

10YPP training is delivered as a distance learning package. The material includes readings, videos, exercises and assignments. You are also required to attend three one-hour webinar sessions. No travel will be required to attend the training as it will all be done remotely. We offer sessions several times a year.

To complete the training, you should expect to spend up to 2 hours per day completing tasks over a period of a week and a half.

We will cover:

  • The Ministry’s tools and methodology for Condition Assessments
  • Identifying and prioritising projects and applying the Ministry’s policies
  • Preparing a 10YPP
  • Working in partnership with schools and the Ministry

How to book

To register your interest in our training course for 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) Consultants, email:

Please include the name and email address of all attendees.

Dates and times will be listed on the Learning Management System (LMS) as they are confirmed. If no dates are listed, we will place your name on a waitlist to be notified when new sessions are available. 

Online Modules

To access our online modules, please follow these steps.

Step 1

Request a login to the Ministry's Learning Management System (LMS) by email.

Step 2

Log in to the Ministry's Learning Management System (LMS)

Ministry of Education Learning Management System (LMS)(external link)

Step 3

Search for modules by name using the search bar at the top of the page, or click ‘Browse Training’ in the left hand side menu.

Step 4

Modules for property suppliers can be found under the ‘EIS’ tile.

Step 5

Select the module you’d like to complete, then click the large play button to enter the module.

School Property Procurement Framework self-paced module

Project Managers engaged to deliver the 5YA and/or school property projects must complete the School Property Procurement Framework module.

The School Property Procurement Framework module has been developed to provide Project Managers with an introduction to the principles that are to be applied and the rules, process and templates to be used when conducting school property related procurements. The module also includes an assessment of 15 multi-choice questions, for which Project Managers are required to achieve a minimum 80% (12/15) pass.

Infrastructure sector forums

During this period of uncertainty in relation to COVID-19, we are exploring new ways of engaging with schools. With this in mind, we are shifting our Infrastructure Forums online.

The forums provide an opportunity for school representatives and the Ministry to exchange information on property related topics so that all parties are better informed, both at a national and local level.

Join us to hear about how we will achieve all schools having quality learning environments by 2030 through the implementation of Te Rautaki Rawa Kura – The School Property Strategy.

Infrastructure sector forum agenda [PDF, 213 KB]

Te Rautaki Rawa Kura – The School Property Strategy

The forums will end with a panel Q&A. If you would like to submit a question about school infrastructure or any of the agenda topics, please email them to

Please note that the topics and discussions at the forum will be at sector-wide level. For any questions about infrastructure matters at an individual school level, please contact your property advisor.

Property staff contact details

Register to attend an Infrastructure Sector Forum:

20 October Zoom Registration(external link)

28 October Zoom Registration(external link)

Please note that we will be limiting registrations, so register soon to ensure a space at a forum.

Consultant briefings

We hold regional consultant briefings at regular intervals during the year. These briefings are aimed at project managers who undertake school property planning and building projects and need to be kept updated on Ministry policy.

For further information contact the property team at your local Ministry office.

Local Ministry offices

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