Performance management of construction suppliers

About performance management

We value the work that our construction suppliers provide to help us deliver quality learning environments in schools across New Zealand.

Part of being a good customer, and a part of our commitment as a signatory to the Construction Sector Accord, is lifting the performance of the construction sector and supporting our suppliers to continuously improve the services they provide in an open, transparent and collaborative way.

Effective performance management means that suppliers:

  • know what is expected of them
  • are supported to achieve the agreed expectations
  • are monitored and assessed on performance
  • if issues arise, we will aim to resolve them before escalation

Performance reviews are required across a number of different services provided to the Ministry. We measure the performance based on the particular service you have offered for each individual project. We focus on how well you have performed in key deliverable areas such as health and safety, management and production. 

How the Ministry uses the performance results

Performance reviews enable the Ministry to understand how our suppliers are performing and how we can improve our processes and systems as Ministry.

Each completed performance assessment builds the performance profile of any given supplier and enables both parties to identify areas where performance exceeds expectations or challenges have arisen, as well as trends and opportunities.

Over time, the Ministry will use this additional information to assist with procurement decisions ensuring that suppliers and opportunities are awarded based on best fit and best performance.

Completing performance reviews

For Ministry-led school property projects, performance assessments are completed by the Ministry of Education Delivery Manager for the project, with the most appropriate person from the supplier’s side, usually the Project Manager. Feedback from the Engineer to Contract may also be included. These are the people most appropriate to complete the assessment as they work closely during a project, and will have the best understanding of the work undertaken.

Performance reviews are arranged between the Ministry and the supplier based on the current construction stage, with a minimum requirement of one review per year.

Performance reviews may take up to an hour depending on the project. The Ministry representative will lead the conversation and record the agreed marks and comments. Once a performance review has been completed and submitted, the supplier will receive a copy of the assessment.

Settling disagreements

We understand from time to time there will be a difference of opinion during performance reviews. If the supplier and Ministry of Education disagree on the result of the review, this will be recorded in the comments and escalated to a specialist team for moderation to ensure a fair outcome for both parties.

Further information

All questions and measures used in the performance review can be found in the Performance Management Starter Pack.

Performance Management Starter Pack [PDF, 240 KB]

If you have any further questions, please contact email

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