Civil defence emergency relief at schools

As a board of trustees, you can choose whether your school will be a relief centre in an emergency. Many schools have agreements with other organisations about being a relief centre.

Being a relief centre

You can decide whether you want your school to be a relief centre in a civil emergency.

Some schools have arrangements with other organisations to provide refuge, for example, they might agree to store emergency equipment. If your school has an arrangement with another organisation you must have a formal agreement, which should cover:

  • what equipment is to be purchased and who will pay for it
  • where the equipment will be stored
  • what will happen if people and equipment have to relocate
  • what will happen if the school is more damaged than the other organisation. In other words, you have an arrangement to use the other organisation’s premises if it's less damaged than your school.

Refer to the following leasing page for more information about setting up an agreement.

Leasing or hiring school land and buildings to third parties

Being requisitioned as a relief centre

Schools can be requisitioned as relief centres in emergencies.

This is provided for in Section 90 of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002.

Section 90, Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 — NZ Legislation website(external link)

You don't need to have equipment and space set aside for this.

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