Rebuilding Christchurch Schools 2013-2022

Many Canterbury schools were extensively damaged in the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes. So we’re working with the community and education leaders in Christchurch on a $1.137b programme to renew education and create some of the most modern schools in the country.

We are building or redeveloping 115 schools in greater Christchurch, 23 of which will be brand new schools.

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  • Progress report
  • How we are using closed schools
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Progress report

Download the progress report, or see lists below:

New and rebuilt schools completed (to May 2017)

Schools in construction

  • Addington School
  • Beckenham School
  • Cashmere High School
  • Cashmere Primary School
  • Christchurch Boys' High School
  • Christchurch Girls' High School
  • Clearview School
  • Gilberthorpe School
  • Halswell Residential College
  • Hornby High School
  • Hornby Primary School
  • Kaiapoi Borough School
  • Kaiapoi High School
  • Kaiapoi High Karanga Mai TPU
  • Kaiapoi North School
  • Linwood North School
  • Little River School
  • Rolleston School
  • Shirley Primary School
  • South Hornby School
  • St Albans School
  • Te Waka Unua School
  • Wairakei School
  • Waitaha Learning Centre
  • Waltham School
  • Wharenui School
  • Woodend School

Schools in pre-design, design or planning

  • Akaroa Area School
  • Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery
  • Avonside Girls’ High School
  • Bamford School
  • Banks Avenue School
  • Bishopdale School
  • Breens Intermediate
  • Bromley School
  • Burnside Primary School
  • Christchurch East School
  • Cobham Intermediate
  • Cotswold School
  • Diamond Harbour School
  • Duvauchelle School
  • Governors Bay School
  • Hagley Community College
  • Heathcote Valley School
  • Hillmorton High School
  • Hoon Hay School
  • Kimihia Parents College
  • Lincoln Second Site
  • Linwood Avenue School
  • Linwood College
  • Little River School
  • Mairehau High School
  • Mairehau School
  • Merrin School
  • Mt Pleasant School
  • Oaklands School
  • Okains Bay School
  • Opawa School
  • Parkview School
  • Queenspark School
  • Redwood School
  • Rowley Avenue School
  • Russley School
  • Shirley Boys’ High School
  • Shirley Intermediate
  • Sockburn School
  • Somerfield School
  • South New Brighton School
  • Spreydon School
  • St Martins School
  • Sumner School
  • Waimairi School
  • West Halswell School
  • Westburn School

Schools yet to enter the programme

  • Allenvale Special School & Resource Centre
  • Belfast School
  • Belfast West School
  • Burnham School
  • Burnside High School
  • Casebrook Intermediate
  • Chisnallwood Intermediate
  • Christchurch South Intermediate
  • Elmwood Normal School
  • Fendalton Open Air School
  • Ferndale School
  • Harewood School
  • Heaton Normal Intermediate
  • Ilam School
  • Isleworth School
  • Kirkwood Intermediate
  • Northcote School
  • Papanui High School
  • Paparoa Street School
  • Rangiora West School
  • Redcliffs School
  • Riccarton High School
  • Riccarton School
  • Roydvale School
  • Templeton School
  • Thorrington School
  • TKKM O Te Whanau Tahi
  • TKKM O Waitaha
  • Van Asch Deaf Education Centre
  • West Spreydon School
  • Yaldhurst Model School

How we are using closed schools in Christchurch

Over the last three years, we have used former school sites to temporarily accommodate schools while we are redeveloping or replacing school buildings around Christchurch.

As schools move into their new or repaired schools, land will increasingly become available. We think it’s important to make that available to the wider community if we know we no longer need it. That’s why we’ve been working hard to clear land which we don’t need, and get it into disposal.

The table below shows school sites which are in use or in the disposal process. All properties in disposal go through a series of steps under the Public Works Act 1981. This means offering the property to other government agencies, previous owners or Maori (under a Treaty claim settlement) before it can be sold on the open market.

SchoolCurrent site useFuture use
Aranui High School Haeata Community Campus Haeata Community Campus
Aranui School Currently used as temporary site for St James School and ECE centre Holding for potential education use
Avondale School Currently used by Chisnalwood Intermediate Holding for potential education use
Avonside Girls High School Still being used by the school until 2019 Planned for disposal
Banks Ave School Still being used by the school until 2019 Planned for disposal
Branston Intermediate School In redevelopment South Hornby School
Burwood School Currently used for RTLB facilities Planned for disposal
Central New Brighton School Currently used the Christchurch Circus Trust and Rawhiti Community Sports Incorporated In disposal
Champion Street site Currently used by Beckenham School as a temporary site Holding for potential education use
Freeville School Not in use, and some buildings are being removed by a local community group Planned for disposal 
Glenmoor School Not in use In disposal. Part of the site sold under offer back to the former owner’s successors. Balance progressing through the disposal process.
Greenpark School Currently being used by Ngai Tahu In disposal 
Hammersley Park School Used by local community groups (toy library, embroidery club) Holding for potential education use
Kendal School Currently used by BLENNZ service centre Holding for potential education use
Le Bons Bay School   Sold to Ngai Tahu on 18 January 2016
Linwood College Lower Fields Teen Parent Unit and ECE relocating to Linwood College at Aldwins Road in next few years, part of the site is required for Christchurch City Council public works and will go into disposal Planned for disposal
Linwood Intermediate Used by Te Pa o Rakaihautu Te Pa o Rakaihautu
Lyttelton Main School Lyttleton Primary School Lyttleton Primary School
Lyttelton West School Used by ECE Planned for disposal 
Manning Intermediate School In redevelopment Spreydon School
Marshlands School (former) Not in use Planned for disposal 
McKenzie Residential Not in use In disposal 
North New Brighton School Rawhiti School Rawhiti School
Phillipstown School Used by technology students at Phillipstown Community Hub Arahina and RTLB facility
Redcliffs School Not in use To be determined
Richmond School Currently in construction for Arahina and RTLB facility Arahina and RTLB facility
Shirley Boys High School Still being used by the school until 2019 Holding for potential education use
Sockburn School Still being used by the school until 2018 Planned for disposal 
South Hornby School Still being used by the school until late 2017 Planned for disposal
Spreydon School Still being used by the school until 2018 Holding for potential education use
Waikuku School Not in use In disposal 
Wainoni School Not in use Planned for disposal (part of site has already been sold to NZ Fire Service)
Windsor School Waitakiri Primary School Waitakiri Primary School
Woolston School Te Waka Unua Te Waka Unua


Issue 8 [PDF, 295 KB] - Four more schools open as the Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme progresses.

Issue 7 [PDF, 810 KB] - the focus of the programme is gradually shifting towards design and construction

Issue 6 [PDF, 1.3 MB] - the programme is now fully underway with 2 schools complete, 5 new schools entering construction, 10 schools in the design stage, and 10 schools commencing master planning

Issue 5 [PDF, 210 KB] - the school engagement process, budgets, building guide, DEEs and major projects underway

Issue 4 [PDF, 168 KB] - minor works to keep schools operational, safe and secure before entering the programme

Issue 3 [PDF, 191 KB] - information about the master planning process and an update on key projects underway

Issue 2 [PDF, 274 KB] - capital investment programme and key school property developments underway

Issue 1 [PDF, 455 KB] - school property programme for capital investment and what has been achieved to date.

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