Voluntary temporary closure of an early learning service

Not all services will need to close permanently when there is a change in circumstances which impacts the service’s operation. If your service is unable to operate for a short period of time, the service can be temporarily closed. 

Notifying the Ministry of closure

If a service needs to temporarily close, service providers must let the Ministry know when and for how long their service(s) will be closing.

Failure to notify the Ministry of a closure is a breach of the Education Act 1989 and the ECE Funding Handbook.

Services do not need to notify the Ministry of a temporary service closure due to a statutory or provincial holiday. Hospital-based services are also exempt from this requirement.

Reason for voluntary temporary closure

Examples of when services may close temporarily include:

  • major renovations to service premises or facilities,
  • low enrolment or staffing numbers,
  • not having a person responsible.

Most situations requiring a voluntary temporary closure should be remedied within three months, however services may close for up to six months. After this time, the Ministry will consider the service has permanently ceased to operate and the licence will be cancelled.

The Ministry may need to visit the service before it resumes operating and/or once it’s operating.

Services will not be eligible to receive funding when they are voluntarily temporarily closed.

Contact information

Contact your local Ministry office if you have a service that is temporarily closed, or if you would like to temporarily close a service. 

Local Ministry office

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