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The Google agreement

The Google agreement provides schools with Ministry-funded Chrome Education Licences. The licence allows schools to manage any number of Chromebooks, customise features and configure security settings from a cloud-based admin console. 

Key features of the Chrome Education Licence

Schools will be able to create a personalised, school-wide experience for each and every device covered by the licence. Through the licence, schools will be able to:

  • push apps to student devices so they have the right apps they need
  • customise the user experience by automatically loading websites on start-up, adding custom bookmarks and blocking distractions
  • schedule updates on Chromebooks
  • prevent anyone from un-enrolling  their managed Chromebook from the school’s domain, minimising lost and stolen devices
  • manage student sign-in to prioritise educational use of devices during school hours.

The Chrome Education Licence is a perpetual licence that covers the life of the device it's enrolled to.

Download the Chrome Education Licence overview to find out more about the licence’s features.

Chrome Education Licence overview  Google website (external link)  

Schools covered

The Ministry will cover the cost of the Chrome Education Licence for all New Zealand state and state-integrated schools.

Duration of the Google Agreement

Our Google Agreement starts on 1 November 2018 and runs until 30 June 2021.

Computers covered by the Agreement 

All school-owned, leased and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Chromebooks.

Previously unmanaged Chromebooks (Chromebooks without a Chrome Education Licence) and newly purchased Chromebooks will be able to enrol into the school’s network with the Ministry-funded licence and be managed.

How to get the Chrome Education Licence

Contact one of the registered Chrome Education Licence partners to organise enrolment of your Chromebook devices.

Registered Chrome Education Licence partners  Google website (external link)

For schools that have already bought a Chrome Education Licence, you may apply for the Ministry-funded licence for the purchase of new devices.

Help with general technical support

Contact your Chrome Education Licence partner for help and support.

The ICT Helpdesk gives free help with technology issues.

Phone: 0800 Call ICT (0800 22 55 42)


On-site technical support is available by arrangement.

If your IT contact person changes, email Datacom.


How to get Google for Education products not covered by the Agreement

Contact one of the Chrome Education Licence partners.

Registered Chrome Education Licence partners  Google website (external link)

Your rights and obligations under the Agreement

Schools are obligated to deploy a Chrome Education Licence within 6 months of being allocated it. Unused licences will be re-purposed by the Ministry for re-allocation to other schools.

Agreement for Chrome Education Licence  Google website (external link)

Training for Google for Education tools

Visit the Google for Education blog for updates.

Google for Education blog (external link)

If you're a teacher, Google’s Teacher Centre has free resources on G Suite for Education. These resources include the training module for Chromebooks that can help you make the most out of having Chromebooks in your classroom.

Teacher Centre  Google website (external link)

Chromebooks training module login  Google website (external link)

If you're an IT administrator, go to the Chrome device management page to learn more about managing Chromebooks.

About Chrome device management  Google website (external link)

Online training courses are also available for G Suite administrators.

G Suite administration  Google website (external link)

Learn how Bombay School in Auckland is easily and securely managing all students’ Chromebook devices with the Chrome Education Licence.

Bombay School case study - Google website (external link)

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