Playgroup Funding Handbook

The Playgroup Funding Handbook provides information about how playgroup funding is calculated and the conditions which need to be met to receive funding.

Licensing Criteria Cover

Playgroup Special Grant

The Special Grant is a discretionary grant to assist a playgroup to cover the large costs that cannot be met from other funding. The Special Grant may contribute to or meet the full costs of what is applied for.

There are two grant rounds per year.

As this is a discretionary grant, the applicants are not guaranteed to receive funding applied for.

  • Eligibility
    • Playgroups eligible for Playgroup Funding are also eligible to apply for the special grant. 

  • Special Grant Uses
    • The Special Grant Funding is available for:

      • setup costs for new playgroups
      • addressing health and safety issues
      • increasing participation in quality ECE in priority communities, and
      • addressing extraordinary circumstances (like damage to equipment by an extreme weather event).

      If funds permit we will also consider applications for resources or activities that will directly benefit children at the playgroup and cannot be funded from operational funding. 

  • Special Grant Conditions
    • The Special Grant is available on the conditions that:

      • the grant is used only for the purpose identified in the application
      • the playgroup informs the Ministry of Education as soon as possible in the event of any changes that affect the immediate use of the grant
      • any funds unspent after one year are returned to the Ministry of Education
      • the use of the Special Grant is reported in the playgroup’s annual Playgroup Funding Report for the year it was granted, and
      • equipment purchased with the grant may be reclaimed by the Ministry of Education when the playgroup ceases to operate.