How to get access to the Intensive Wraparound Service

To get access to the Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS), seek a referral from one of these:

  • a member of the Ministry’s Learning Support staff 
  • a Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour (RTLB)
  • the student’s Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) fund-holding school (including Day Special Schools).

The referrer discusses the referral with the school, parents, whānau or caregivers before going ahead.

Application process

The person making the referral completes the application form. They gather information about the young person, their history, background and needs. The young person, parents/caregivers and whānau and other people involved with them all have the opportunity to contribute to the application.

Information must include how local learning support services available to the child/young person and their whānau have been fully utilised and are unable to meet their needs.

The referral is submitted to the local Intensive Services Prioritisation Panel made up of:

  • a school principal
  • a Learning Support manager
  • an RTLB Cluster Manager
  • an IWS service manager

The panels usually meet at least once per school term. Your referee can discuss the resources available to provide help in the meantime such as the Interim Resource Fund.

Young people who are referred and prioritised for IWS have significant behaviour, social or learning needs that are highly complex and challenging (may have associated intellectual difficulty) requiring support at school, at home and in the community.

How to apply

To apply online, please download and use the following forms:

Note: Do not attach any other documents.

Once it is complete, submit your application to your local Intensive Services Panel. You can email the Microsoft Word form along with the three attachments.

When emailing confidential Microsoft Word documents please make sure you have consent to make this application and consent to share it with the Ministry Intensive Services Panel. Before you send it, check you are sending it to the correct email address.

Panels set and circulate due dates for applications to be received each term. To check due dates call your local Ministry office.

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