How Te Kahu Tōī, Intensive Wraparound Service works

The young person and their family/whānau members work with an Intensive Wraparound (IW) Facilitator and Psychologist to build their wraparound team, which can include the whānau’s friends and people from the wider community, as well as providers of services and supports.

The whānau and young person take the lead in deciding team vision and goals, and in developing creative and individualised services and supports that will help them achieve the goals and vision. Team members’ work together to put the plan into action, monitor how well it is working, collect outcome data and change the plan as needed.

Te Kahu Tōī, Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS) aims to help the young person develop the skills to:

  • learn new, positive ways of behaving
  • stay at their local school, or return there after time at a residential special school
  • behave in a positive and social way
  • enjoy a successful life at school and home.

Goals of Te Kahu Tōī, Intensive Wraparound Service

  • Young people with the greatest need have access to the people and processes in which decisions are made as well as access to needed resources and services
  • Whānau’s voices are heard and they are full decision makers in charge of their own lives
  • the whānau has ownership of the planning process in partnership with the team and is in agreement and committed to carry out the plan.

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