Setting up and managing the assistive technology

Learn about the requirements for schools to set up and manage their student’s assistive technology.

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When schools have received assistive technology, they must ensure that it is set up and managed appropriately.

Getting the assistive technology set up

The Ministry of Education has provided the school with assistive technology based on its application. It is allocated to the named student to meet their identified learning needs.

The school is allocated assistive technology directly from the Ministry of Education or funded to purchase assistive technology as per the approved application. Outlined on the Application Form, the school has agreed to the following processes and conditions.

The school will:

  • Order and pay for the assistive technology approved using the quote from the application (where applicable)
  • Assume ownership of the assistive technology for the time that the student is enrolled in the school.
  • List the technology on the school’s asset register so that it's covered by the school's insurance (please refer to Loss, repairs and maintenance of equipment to find out about the Ministry of Education’s continued support in case of theft, loss or damage).
  • Contact the local Ministry office for advice if the item needs extensive repair, maintenance or replacement.
  • Maintain a record of the serial numbers and asset numbers or other descriptions of the approved technology along with supplier details and warranty conditions.
  • Provide proof of purchase send a copy of the invoice and serial numbers to the Ministry for their records (this is requested on the review form but may be provided separately).
  • Organise for appropriate school software (including generic programs used in the school such as Microsoft Office) and any antivirus software to be loaded onto the technology and for the technology to be linked to the school’s networks (as required).
  • File items related to the assistive technology maintenance and use (for example, any original software, manuals, and accessories etc as documented in the management plan where applicable).
  • Label technology with Equipment ID stickers provided by the Ministry.
  • Ensure that the technology is used for the intended purpose by the student it is allocated to.
  • Support the implementation and ongoing use of the technology within the school programme including the implementation of the agreed training plan if applicable.
  • Review allocated assistive technology regularly and at each transition for the student. A formal review of the assistive technology should be completed about six months after allocation (or at the next scheduled IEP meeting). Please complete and return the Assistive technology form  Review [DOCX, 132 KB] to the Ministry of Education at that time.
  • Notify the local Ministry office when the named student transfers to another school or leaves school, and ensure that the assistive technology transfers to the new school with the student OR is returned to the Ministry of Education. Please complete and return the Assistive technology form  Transfer [DOCX, 137 KB] to the Ministry of Education at that time.

Using assistive technology

Assistive technology is used by the individual student to access their learning curriculum. The teacher designs learning tasks and facilitates the appropriate use of assistive technology to support learning. They may be supported by resource teachers or specialists.

Online training and supplier resources may also be available to support effective use and implementation of the equipment.

Management plan

A management plan details how the assistive technology is looked after, stored, maintained, carried around and whether it can be taken home by the student  with the principal’s permission. The school can develop its own management plan or use the Assistive technology template  Management plan [DOCX, 133 KB].

Monitor and review

The school team needs to review allocated assistive technology regularly and at each transition for the student. They will:

  • Complete a review of the assistive technology either:
  • Within six months of the student's first use of the technology, or
  • At the next scheduled Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Continue to review the technology on a regular basis to make sure it continues to meet the student’s learning needs
  • Complete and return the Assistive technology form  Review [DOCX, 132 KB] to the Ministry of Education at that time.

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