School transport - Automatic vehicle location technology

From January 2018, school bus operators under contract to the Ministry of Education must have an approved vehicle telematics system fitted to their vehicles.

What is a vehicle telematics system?

Vehicle telematic systems use Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology to transmit information about a vehicle.

AVL devices are widely used in the transport industry to record information about vehicle performance that could impact passenger experience and safety.

Transmitted information includes:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Excess speed
  • Heavy braking
  • Sharp cornering.

Why is this technology being introduced?

Improved monitoring of the school bus fleet is part of our commitment to health and safety, and ongoing service improvement.

Who has access to the information?

The information can be accessed by

  • The vehicle operator
  • The Ministry of Education
  • Software developers working for the Ministry of Education.

Approved devices

School bus operators must install an approved device on all vehicles by 1 January 2018 (see table below).

The following systems have been tested by the Ministry and we continue to work with a number of providers to test systems suitable to our requirements.

The current approval status is shown in the following table:

MakeModelWebsiteApproval status
eRoad Ehubo2 ERoad (external link) Pending
GreenRoad V5 GreenRoad (external link) Approved
FleetPin FleetPin Cross Country FleetPin (external link) Approved
Coretex iBright EDR Coretex (external link) Approved

The Ministry has no preferred supplier, and makes no representation as to the services offered by any of these providers.

Operators should do their own due diligence before entering into any commercial arrangement for supply.

This list will be updated when there are any changes and there is no limit to the number of providers that may be approved.

Information for AVL device suppliers

To become an approved device supplier, contact the Ministry’s AVL software service provider:

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