Sleepovers in schools

Students or non-school groups might want to have a sleepover at your school. As a board of trustees, you need a written agreement with the group having the sleepover, and any area used for sleeping must meet certain fire safety requirements.

Allowing people to have sleepovers at school

A community group may want to use your school hall or classroom for a sleepover. If you agree to this, you must have a formal agreement with them.

Use the Casual Use Agreement.

See: Leasing or hiring land and buildings to third parties.

Fire safety for sleepovers

There must be an automatic fire alarm system and smoke alarms wherever there is a sleepover at your school.

The automatic fire alarm system must include:

  • smoke detectors
  • manual call points, which allow people to push a button to set off a fire alarm.

If there are more than 40 people in a "group sleeping area" (hall, classroom or other area used for sleeping), there must be a sprinkler fire system.

If a "group sleeping area", does not have a sprinkler system, the area can’t include a kitchen (but may include tea making facilities).

These rules apply to:

  • all sleepovers – for students as well as outside groups
  • overnight stays – even where no sleep is intended, like the 40 Hour Famine.

Safeguarding against fire

Make sure:

  • mattresses are away from heating vents
  • all emergency exits are clear
  • everyone is told where the exits are and where to meet if there is a fire
  • there are torches on hand.

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