Step 5: Approval of 10YPP

The final step in the 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) process is approval of the plan, where the 10YPP consultant will seek Board and Ministry approval and you, as the board of trustees, will sign your 5 Year Agreement (5YA).

1. Board Approval

After your 10YPP consultant makes any changes needed to the draft plan, they will submit the final 10YPP to the full board for agreement.

Once you are satisfied with the 10YPP, minute this at your board meeting.

The 10YPP consultant will then submit the 10YPP to the Ministry for approval.


In order to have the 10YPP approved on time, it must be submitted to the Ministry by mid-April at the latest, with specialist reports completed 3-6 months prior to initial submission to the Ministry.

2. Ministry approval

The Ministry will check that the 10YPP meets the policy and funding criteria. If something does not meet these criteria, your property advisor will discuss any changes needed with you and your 10YPP consultant.

If major changes are required, the 10YPP may need to go back for full board agreement.

If no major changes are required, your 10YPP should be approved within 20 working days.

If the 10YPP includes the use of top-up funding, or the use of 5YA funding to build new square metres (a footprint extension), we will submit it to our 10YPP Quality Assurance Panel for approval. This will require a further 20 working days.

The Ministry’s 10YPP Quality Assurance Panel assess the entire 10YPP to check that the request fits with Ministry policy and is consistent with other requests throughout New Zealand.

The panel will make a decision within a month. If it does not approve the request, it will be returned to your consultant for further work and may need to be re-approved.


The 10YPP must be approved by the Ministry before 30 June in the year your 5YA begins. This is to allow you to have access to your 5YA funds on 1 July, when your 10YPP comes into effect.

3. Sign the 5YA

Once the Ministry has approved the 10YPP, we will send you a letter giving our approval and include 2 copies of your 5YA for signing.

Sample approval letter [DOC, 223 KB]

When you receive your 5YA, sign both copies and return them to the Ministry for us to sign.

The Ministry will send back one fully signed copy for your records.

4. Begin projects in the 10YPP

Once everyone has signed the 5YA, you can begin the projects planned in the 10YPP.

All projects must meet Ministry project management requirements.

Project management requirements

Your 10YPP consultant can tender for your 5YA projects, but must go through a separate engagement process and have a separate contract to do so.

More information about spending rules:

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