During a school property project

As soon as you as the board of trustees have a project manager on board, they can help with some of these steps to manage the project.

For the project managers role, see Role of the project manager in school property projects.

Giving board approval

As a board of trustees, you will need to give approval at various stages of the project. This may involve a full board meeting or approval by your delegate.

The approval stages includes:

  • approving the project brief.
  • approving the procurement plan and tender documents.


  • signing contracts for consultant engagement.

Contracts for construction works and professional services

  • signing off on the designs.

Design stage

  • approving any variations, for example in the material used or design changes.

Construction phase

  • approving payments.

Working with the design team

Your school representative will need to work with the design team at each stage of plan development to make sure they understand your vision for the project and the design meets your educational goals.

Find out more about the design stages

Keeping people at the school safe while the project's underway

As a board of trustees you have a duty to keep your staff and student’s safe at all times. This is your legal responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 - NZ Legislation website (external link)

Your project manager will help you meet your responsibilities by managing the day-to-day health and safety hazards during a project, including:

  • keeping the construction site isolated from students and staff
  • managing safe access of vehicles and materials
  • using safe building materials
  • managing contractors.

The project manager should meet regularly with you to report on and discuss safety issues.

Find out more about your health and safety responsibilities on the WorkSafe website.

WorkSafe(external link)

Getting local council sign-off before using a new building

If your project required building consent, you can't start using the new building until the local council has issued a code compliance certificate, or your project manager has already arranged a certificate for public use.

Local council requirements

Be aware that you could be fined up to $200,000 a day for each day you allow anyone to use the building without a code compliance certificate.

Continuing to manage any potential conflicts of interest that may arise

Early stages of a project (managing conflicts of interest)

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