Early childhood education services on school sites

As a board of trustees, you can agree to an early childhood education (ECE) service setting up at your school. You'll need our consent and we'll provide a standard lease agreement covering the ECE service’s use of your land or buildings.

Setting up an ECE service on school land

There are 4 ways to start the process of setting up an ECE service at your school.

  1. You may be approached by an ECE service.
  2. You may want to have an ECE service at your school and ask one if they're interested.
  3. The ECE service may come directly to the Ministry and we discuss the options with you.
  4. We may tender for an ECE service to be set up in an area where one is needed.

In the first 3 cases, you or the ECE service needs to talk to your local Ministry office.

Local Ministry office

We'll consider the idea, taking into account a number of issues, such as whether your school has enough space. If we approve the idea, we'll let you know and provide a standard lease agreement for the ECE service.

In the 4th case, we take the first step by providing a site, and sometimes a building. This is managed by us, but we'll be talking to you if we want to use any part of the school.

Using standard ECE lease agreements

We have standard lease agreements for ECE services on school sites. The lease will either be a:

  • land lease where the ECE service provides their own building on the school grounds, or
  • building lease where the ECE service uses a school building.

In most cases, the lease will be between the Ministry and the ECE service. You won't be a party to the lease, but you'll want to agree some day-to-day arrangements with the ECE service, like sharing parking spaces.

We'll amend your Property Occupancy Document (POD), removing the land and buildings under ECE lease from your POD. This means you won’t have any responsibilities for the ECE service’s premises.

Property Occupancy Document (POD)

Dealing with old ECE agreements

You may have had an ECE service at your school for a number of years. As policies and government directions have changed, we have used a number of different versions of the ECE agreements. You may know them as ECE PODs.

When an old agreement expires, or when an ECE service makes a change such as upgrading their building, we'll give the ECE service the latest ECE lease agreement.

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