Operating school construction projects safely during COVID-19 Alert Levels

Our priority is to continue keeping workers and the wider community healthy and safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19.

As our school construction projects restart or new projects commence, all parties need to follow health and safety good practice, and current public health advice.

As a client, we have a significant role to play in ensuring these standards and protocols are taken into account for all work undertaken. We expect everyone managing construction sites on behalf of the Ministry or schools to apply the guidance provided in the document New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols.

New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols is a comprehensive and easy to read document that includes guidance for businesses on creating a COVID-19 control plan including cleaning and hygiene practices, site entry and exit register, deliveries, and visitor protocols.

The development of the protocols has been led by the industry safety body CHASNZ with input from industry leaders. These organisations have collaborated with field experts from within industry to develop healthy and safe protocols for all who work in and around the construction sector while under COVID-19 alert levels.

We have developed a checklist for Main Contractors to complete before work can start on site. This list will help to ensure sites are operating in a way that reduces the risk of wide-spread transmission.

Checklist for Main Contractors during COVID-19 Alert Level 1 [DOCX, 71 KB]

Once the checklist has been completed, it should be sent to: EIS.HealthandSafety@education.govt.nz.

Clear and open communication between parties is as important as ever to maintain the pillars of health and safety.

Information is also available on the CHASNZ website.

CHASNZ - COVID-19 and working at the current alert level(external link)

Your COVID-19 safety plan – what you need to think about (WorkSafe Guidance)(external link)

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