3.11 Termination of Appointment


    1. The notice required to be given to a permanently appointed teacher who holds a position which was advertised shall be two months.
    2. A permanently appointed teacher shall give two months’ notice to the employer, except where the teacher and the employer agree to a lesser period of notice from the teacher.
    3. Where an employer has dismissed a teacher who holds such a position, except in cases of serious misconduct, the employer at their discretion may provide some or all of the notice as salary in lieu of notice. In cases of serious misconduct clause 3.4.3(e) shall apply.

3.11.2 Notice for fixed-term employees

    1. Where fixed-term employment is to be terminated prior to the agreed termination point being the date, event, or project conclusion agreed between the employer and teacher) the notice required shall be two months, except that if there is less than two months remaining until the termination point, the notice required shall be half of that remaining period.
    2. Nothing in 3.11.2 (a) shall prevent a shorter notice period being agreed between the teacher and the employer.
    3. Notice provisions for relievers covering a teacher on maternity leave are set out in clause 6.3.3.

3.11.3 The notice requirements in 3.11.1 and 3.11.2 do not apply where a teacher is dismissed without notice for serious misconduct or where the Secretary for Education gives concurrence under medical retirement – serious illness.

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