4.3A Middle Management Allowances

4.3A.1 An employer will be entitled, in each school year, to a number of Middle Management Allowances generated by formula in the Staffing Order. The employer, following consultation with its teaching staff, shall determine the allocation of these allowances. Up to 40% of the allowances may be allocated on a fixed term basis.

4.3A.2 The Middle Management Allowances are restricted to:

    1. teachers with four or fewer units (including none) who have a designated curriculum or pastoral management responsibility; and
    2. teachers with five units who have significant designated curriculum-related management responsibilities; and
    3. teachers who have responsibilities (as defined in 4.3A.5 below) for at least five ORRS funded students.

4.3A.3 Up to 20% of a school’s Middle Management Allowances may be allocated to teachers without units who have designated curriculum or pastoral management responsibilities.

4.3A.4 An individual teacher with fewer than five units, may be allocated up to two Middle Management Allowances. An individual teacher with five units may be allocated no more than one Middle Management Allowance. Teachers with more than five units shall not be eligible to receive Middle Management Allowances.


    1. Subject to 4.3A.4, employers will allocate one Middle Management Allowance to each teacher who has responsibility for at least five High and/or Very High ORRS students if the teacher has the following special duties and responsibilities for those students.
        1. The direct responsibility for the development of the educational programmes of those students (including the significant adaptation of curriculum content); and 
        2. The designated responsibility for the implementation of those programmes including providing special assistance to the students in face to face communication and social interaction in order for the students to be engaged, be understood, to respond and to learn.
    2. This entitlement does not restrict a board from allocating more than one Middle Management Allowance to such teacher(s) if they are eligible under 4.3A.2 (a), or (b).

4.3A.6 Until 27 January 2020 each Middle Management Allowance shall generate an additional annual salary payment of $1000 per annum. From 28 January 2020 each Middle Management Allowance shall generate an additional annual salary payment of $2,000 per annum.

4.3A.7 Middle Management Allowances are not divisible and the attached salary shall be paid at the substantive rate to both full-time and part-time teachers.

4.3A.8 These allowances do not count in the determination of eligibility for removal expenses under 8.1.1(a) (Appointment on promotion).

4.3A.9 Where a teacher appointed to a position to which Middle Management Allowances are allocated loses that position, or has the position altered in status, because of the application of the surplus staffing provisions of this agreement then the salary protection arrangements of those provisions shall apply provided that where the allocation has been made on a fixed-term basis the period of protection shall be for the lesser of the term agreed or for one year while the teacher continues to hold a position at the school.

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