4.3 Units

4.3.1 Boards will be entitled, in any one school year, to a number of units generated by formula in the Staffing Order. The employer, following consultation with its teaching staff, will determine the use of units. Up to 40% of the units may be allocated on a fixed-term basis.

4.3.2 Until 27 January 2020 the rate of each permanent or fixed term unit is $4,000 per annum. From 28 January 2020 the rate of each permanent or fixed term unit is $5,000 per annum.

4.3.3 Units are not divisible and must be paid at the substantive rate to both full-time and part-time teachers. The only circumstance in which the units may be apportioned is in an approved full-time job share position.

4.3.4 Fixed-term units will be paid in addition to the teacher’s rate of pay, including any permanent units. At the time of allocating a fixed-term unit(s) the employer will specify either the period of time the teacher is entitled to the fixed-term unit or units, or the particular assignment or task to be undertaken which the fixed-term unit(s) has been allocated.

4.3.5 The entitlement to that fixed-term unit(s) will cease at the expiry of the specified period or on completion of the specified assignment or task.

4.3.6 The employer may reallocate to the same teacher a fixed-term unit(s) for a further period of time or for a further particular assignment or task.

4.3.7 Until 30 June 2020 teachers holding permanent units (including permanent additional units) shall be entitled to progress pursuant to clause 4.2.3, beyond their qualification maxima, to G3 maximum of the base scale provided that:

  1. If they progress beyond their qualification maximum they will revert to their qualification maximum if their permanent units are lost through voluntary relinquishment or acceptance of a position without permanent units;
  2. If they subsequently regain permanent unit(s) they will receive an immediate base salary scale increment (if not already at G3 maximum of the scale) and will be eligible for any further increment(s) due from the anniversary of that date.
  3. If they improve their qualifications and meet the criteria for a higher qualification group listed in clause 4.1.3, they shall move to the most applicable step on the base salary sale on which they are employed taking into account:
    1. their current qualification; and
    2. any effect annual increments since improving their qualifications would have had.
  4. If on 30 June 2020 they have progressed to a step beyond the G1 or G2 maxima (as applicable) they will, on 1 July 2020 remain on the step they have progressed to and will continue to be eligible for any further increment(s) from their anniversary date until they reach the G3 maximum of the base scale regardless of whether they retain their permanent unit(s) or not.

Clause 4.3.7 is a transitional clause. The parties agree that clause 4.3.7 will be deleted when this collective agreement is renewed.

4.3.8 Voluntary relinquishment of units

If a teacher who holds units offers to relinquish voluntarily a unit(s) and that offer is accepted by the employer, the teacher will cease to be paid for that unit(s).

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