4.13 High Priority Teacher Supply Allowance

4.13.1 The High Priority Teacher Supply Allowance (HPTSA) provisions below shall apply to teachers employed in those schools identified by the Secretary for Education as requiring additional support for recruitment and retention. The schools identified by the Secretary are those set out in separate advice and may be changed by the Secretary as needs change, no more than annually, after consultation with the PPTA.

  1. Full-time and part-time (0.5FTTE and above) teachers who hold a current practising certificate and are employed on a permanent or long-term relieving basis of two consecutive terms or more shall be entitled to receive the allowance of $2,500 per annum, pro-rated for part-time teachers.
  2. Teachers in receipt of HPTSA are not entitled to receive the SIA at the same time.
  3. Where a school loses HPTSA status, the school may apply for SIA status where there is a serious staffing difficulty.
  4. Teachers moving into a HPTSA school are entitled to elect to take either the transfer and removals provisions of this agreement, or any alternative transfer and removals provisions or grants which may from time to time be offered by the Ministry of Education and for which they would be eligible, but not to both. On completion of a minimum of three years’ continuous service in one or more HPTSA schools a teacher shall have access to the transfer and removal provisions of this Agreement when moving from this category of school to another teaching position in a state or integrated school.
  5. In the event that a school is removed from the HPTSA coverage, teachers who were in receipt of the HPTSA prior to that change shall continue to receive the allowance until the end of the school year. Teachers who are so affected shall retain their entitlement to the transfer and removal provisions of this Agreement for a further three years.

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