5.1A Timetabling Policy

5.1A.1 Each employer must have a policy on timetabling, developed in consultation with its teaching staff. This policy shall incorporate:

    1. The non-contact entitlements of 5.2.3 to 5.2.6 below as relevant for the type of school;
    2. Class size matters, including the class size provisions of clause 5.9 below;
    3. Reference to other matters, including hours of duty outside of timetabled hours, which impact on timetabling practices;
    4. A process providing for circumstances where, for genuine reason during timetabling or at short notice, it is not possible to provide the non-contact time entitlements described in 5.2.3(a), 5.2.4(a), 5.2.5(a) and 5.2.6(b) and where the employer has used reasonable endeavour and is unable to achieve the class size provision in 5.9.2.

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