11.5 Management Allowances

11.5.1 For an employee appointed as secondary teacher at Te Kura), these provisions below replace clauses 4.3A.1 to 4.3A.9 of this agreement.

11.5.2 The employer shall determine annually the allocation of 100 Management Allowances following consultation with the secondary teaching staff.

11.5.3 Secondary teachers who have a designated curriculum or pastoral management responsibility will be eligible to receive Management Allowances.

11.5.4 At least 85% of the school’s Management Allowances must be allocated to secondary teachers with units who have designated curriculum or pastoral management responsibilities.

11.5.5 An individual secondary teacher may be allocated no more than two (2) Management Allowances. In the event that the employer is unable, under these provisions, to fully allocate the 100 allowances referred to in 11.5.2 then the employer may allocate up to three (3) Management Allowances to any unit holder who meets the criteria in 11.5.3.

11.5.6 Up to 30% of the allowances may be allocated on a fixed term basis.

11.5.7 Each Management Allowance shall generate an additional salary payment of $1,000 per annum.

11.5.8 Management Allowances are not divisible and the attached salary shall be paid at the substantive rate to both full-time and part-time teachers.

11.5.9 Where a teacher appointed to a position to which Management Allowances are allocated loses that position, or has the position altered in status, because of the application of the surplus staffing provisions in part eleven of this agreement, the salary protection arrangements in clause 11.3.6 of these provisions shall apply. Provided that where the allocation has been made on a fixed-term basis the period of protection shall be for the lesser of the term agreed or for one year while the teacher continues to hold a position at the school.

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