11.4 Off-Site Allowance

11.4.1 The provisions below replace Clause 7.3 of this agreement.

11.4.2 All employees on official Te Kura business where meals are provided by the employer and who are not receiving the travelling allowance set out in Clause 7.1 and Appendix D shall be paid a $15.00 per night off-site allowance for each night spent away from home.

11.4.3 When as a result of such business an employee is unable to return to home or the school (whichever is appropriate) until after 1pm on the final day, but there is no need to stay away for a further night, then the employee shall be entitled to an $8.00 off-site allowance in respect of that final day.

11.4.4 Recipients of the off-site allowance are not entitled to the incidentals allowance.

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