3.5 Other Allowances

3.5.1 A groundstaff employee who is solely responsible for the complete operation, chlorination and maintenance of school swimming pools shall be paid an allowance of $4.50 each day the pool is open either for official school use or, public use when the school is closed and the employee has agreed to undertake these additional duties.

3.5.2 An employee who holds a current first aid certificate and is a designated first aider at the school shall be paid an allowance of 35 cents per hour.

3.5.3 Where an employee completes nine and a half hours or more on any one day the board shall either provide a suitable meal or, in lieu thereof, pay a meal allowance of $10.00.

3.5.4 Where an employee is required by the employer to use his/her own vehicle for school business he/she shall be paid 59 cents per kilometre and shall be responsible for arranging the appropriate insurance. Where the use of the vehicle on the employer’s business necessitates altering the nature of the insurance, the employer shall refund any extra premium attributable to this usage.

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