3.2 Wages

3.2.1 Minimum hourly pay rates for groundstaff are as follows:

 Grounds LabourerAssistant GroundskeeperGroundskeeperSenior Groundskeeper
From 1/5/15 $15.83 $16.33 $16.62 $18.02
From 19/5/17 $15.99 $16.49 $16.79 $18.20
From 28/1/18 $16.15 $16.66 $16.95 $18.38

3.2.2 A part-time employee is engaged for less than 40 hours per week and shall be paid 1/40 of the appropriate full-time weekly rate for each ordinary hour of employment.

3.2.3 Any groundstaff employee directed to perform work for which a higher rate is prescribed shall be paid the higher rate for the period of such work. Nothing shall prevent an employer from authorising payment of a special duties allowance to an employee directed in special circumstances, to carry out duties other than those for which he/she was employed.

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