5.4 Sick Leave

5.4.1 An employee is entitled to 7 days sick leave for each year of service, except that an employee working less than 5 days per week is entitled to only 5 days sick leave per year.

5.4.2 Sick leave under 5.4.1 is to be paid in respect of the actual working days but excluding any public holiday.

5.4.3 Unused sick leave shall be accumulated. It may not be anticipated except where the employer and employee agree.

5.4.4 An employee shall produce a medical certificate or other evidence of illness if required to do so by the employer for absences exceeding two days.

5.4.5 The employee must inform the employer of the intention to take sick leave as early as possible before they are due to start work, or, if not practical, as early as this is possible after that time.

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