3.5 Swimming Pool Allowance

3.5.1 A caretaker required to undertake the operation, chlorination and maintenance of filtered or draw and fill school swimming pools for the purposes of providing and maintaining an adequate standard of hygiene, during periods when the pool is open for official school use shall be paid the allowance specified below for each day he/she undertakes these duties during the period of the year when the school is open.

3.5.2 Only a caretaker who is solely responsible for the complete operation and maintenance of school swimming pools, as detailed in subclause 3.5.1 qualifies for the allowance.

3.5.3 The allowance, in addition to wages for such time worked, will also be paid where the employer authorises the opening of the pool for public use during weekends, school vacations, or other periods when the school is not officially open and where the caretaker has agreed to undertake these additional duties.

    • swimming pool allowance - $4.50 per day

Note: Appendix A sets out the procedures to be followed in handling swimming pool chemicals.

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