3.34 Allowances for Kāhui Ako Teacher (across community) role

3.34.1 Boards within each Kāhui Ako will be entitled to a number of Teacher (between-schools) roles, generated by formula in the relevant Staffing Order, to facilitate engagement of all staff in the Kāhui Ako.

3.34.2 The responsibilities and/or activities of each role will be defined in substance and time by the Kāhui Ako shared achievement plan.

3.34.3 A Kāhui Ako Teacher (between-schools) role will be appointed to promote best teaching practice across a Kāhui Ako , in line with the challenges in the Kāhui Ako shared achievement plan. Promotion of best teaching practice may include a focus on:

  • collaborative inquiry
  • expertise capacity building
  • pedagogy/teaching practice
  • community engagement
  • transition support
  • cultural competency.

3.34.4 A teacher, who through an agreed selection process, has met the national criteria or professional standards (and is affirmed by the National Panel as having met the criteria or standards as applicable) and demonstrated how they will help meet the agreed purpose/focus for the role within the Kāhui Ako and is appointed to the role will be entitled to receive an allowance of $16,000 per annum.

3.34.5 The period of appointment to the role will be up to two years, the exact tenure will be determined by the Kāhui Ako based on needs identified through the planning process, with the agreement of the Kāhui Ako , teacher and employing board, subject to (3.34.6), (3.34.10) and (3.34.11) below.

3.34.6 The initial period of appointment may be extended for one further period of up to two years depending on the needs of the Kāhui Ako and the progress of planning and inquiry, with the agreement of the Kāhui Ako, teacher and employing board.

3.34.7 Where a Kāhui Ako cannot select a teacher to one of the Teacher (between-schools) roles it generates from within the Kāhui Ako, or seeks an alternative period for the appointment of one or more of the roles, the Secretary for Education may agree to alternatives. This may result in alternative arrangements for the payment of the allowance outlined in (3.34.4) above and for the provision of the time allowance outlined in (3.34.9) below or for the period of the appointment to the role outlined in (3.34.5) or (3.34.6) above.

3.34.8 As the role is intended to expand on career opportunities for classroom teachers to use and develop their professional leadership skills while remaining in the classroom, a teacher appointed to this role must maintain at minimum a 0.5 FTTE classroom teaching load.

3.34.9 The employing board will receive additional 0.4 FTTE staffing for the period of the appointment to enable the functions of the role to be fulfilled.

3.34.10 The allowance may be suspended by the employing board where the teacher is undergoing competency processes as outlined in clause 10.7.2.

3.34.11 The allowance will cease to be payable in the following circumstances:

  1. where the teacher has been the subject of an adverse outcome following competency or disciplinary processes (or both); or
  2. where the teacher ceases to be employed as a teacher at that school; or
  3. where, with the agreement of the employing board, the teacher voluntarily relinquishes the role; or
  4. where the teacher ceases to hold the role; or
  5. when the fixed period of the appointment ends, regardless of whether the teacher remains at that school; or
  6. where the employing board become ineligible to make the allowance available. In such circumstances the teacher will be provided notice of a period that is the lesser of the remainder of the term of the appointment or one year, provided the teacher continues to hold a similar status in that school.

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