3.32 Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher Allowance

The Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher (ACET) is a classroom teacher whose practice has been formally recognised as being demonstrably higher than the Experienced Teacher Professional Standards.

3.32.0 Preamble

    1. The following provisions have been agreed in response to an NZEI Te Riu Roa claim about career pathways for teachers.
    2. The parties acknowledge that aspects of teacher remuneration are in need of review and that recognition of ACET by way of an allowance may provide a step towards a more coherent remuneration framework.
    3. The parties will monitor and discuss the operation of the ACET allowance as part of ongoing consideration of teacher remuneration provisions.

3.32.1 Primary teachers who meet the eligibility requirements set out in 3.32.2 below, with the endorsement of their principal will be entitled to undertake the process for recognition as ACET, subject to any national prioritisation process.

    1. Consideration for recognition as an ACET is available only to classroom-based teachers.
    2. A maximum of 800 ACET allowances will be available from 28 January 2015 via an allocation process beginning in 2014.
    3. No more than 800 ACET allowances will be allocated at any one time.  In the event that not all allowances can be allocated or are relinquished, there will be a process to allocate these from time to time to maintain this total of 800 allowances.

3.32.2 Eligibility requirements for an ACET include:

    1. Being a fully certificated, permanent teacher with a classroom teaching load of at least 0.8 FTTE; and
    2. Holding no more than one permanent unit; and
    3. Having at least six years classroom teaching experience in a New Zealand state or state-integrated school; and
    4. Being at the maximum step of their qualification group for three consecutive years in a New Zealand state/state-integrated school prior to application (with successful attestation against the Experienced Teacher Standards (Schedule 3 of this Agreement) in each of those years).

3.32.3 A teacher recognised as an ACET under 3.32 shall be paid an allowance of $5,000 per annum, provided the eligibility criteria in 3.32.2 and attestation of practice by the principal against the ACET professional criteria, is maintained as part of the school’s annual appraisal process.

3.32.4 The ACET allowance shall cease to be paid under the following circumstances:

    1. reducing below an 0.8FTTE classroom teaching load for a period longer than one term; or
    2. as a result of adverse outcome of competency or disciplinary processes; or
    3. an unsatisfactory performance review; or
    4. an unsatisfactory three-yearly assessment to maintain certification to practice.

3.32.5 The ACET allowance may be relinquished voluntarily.

3.32.6 Until 30 June 2020 a teacher allocated an ACET allowance, who hold Q1 or Q2 qualifications, shall be entitled to progress, from the date of allocation, pursuant to clause 3.7, beyond their qualification maxima to Q3 maxima of the base scale provided that teachers who have gone beyond their qualification maxima revert to their qualification maxima if the ACET allowance is lost through voluntary relinquishment or the teacher is no longer eligible for the allowance in terms of clause 3.32.2 effective from the date eligibility is lost.

3.32.7 Until 30 June 2020 a teacher who ceases to be eligible for the ACET allowance because s/he is allocated more than one permanent unit shall retain any salary progression pursuant to clause 3.32.6 as at the date eligibility is lost. Any further progression shall be pursuant to clause 3.9.8.

3.32.8 If on 30 June 2020 they have progressed to a step beyond the Q1 or Q2 maxima (as applicable) they will, on 1 July 2020 remain on the step they have progressed to and will continue to be eligible for any further increment(s) from their anniversary date until they reach the Q3 maximum of the base scale regardless of whether they retain their ACET allowance or not.

Note: Clauses 3.32.6 to 3.32.8 are transitional clauses. The parties agree that clauses 3.32.6 to 3.32.8 will be deleted when this collective agreement is renewed.

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