3.26 Payments for Recruitment, Retention and Responsibility

3.26.1 Boards may make payments to teachers from operational funding for reasons of recruitment, retention or responsibility with the objective of enhancing educational outcomes.

3.26.2 The allocation of the payments is made after consultation with the teaching staff and where there is agreement between the employer and the teacher being offered the payment.

3.26.3 The payments are valued at $2,750 per annum, are divisible by two, and paid fortnightly with base salary. The payments do not allow a teacher to progress past their salary qualification maximum nor do they attract surplus staffing protection provisions.

3.26.4 The payments may be allocated on a permanent or a fixed term basis, including for the duration of a special assignment or project. Where the duration of payment is for a fixed term, this shall be specified at the time of allocating the payment and the entitlement shall cease at the expiry of the specified period, or on completion of the special assignment or project.

3.26.5 A permanent recruitment, retention and responsibility payment may be withdrawn on two term’s notice by the Board.

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