3.22 Compassionate Grant


    1. A compassionate grant shall be paid by employers to a partner, or if there is no partner, to the next of kin of an employee who dies while employed in the state teaching service. Compassionate grants are calculated as a proportion of the annual rate of salary (including any permanent salary allowances) payable to the employee at the time of death as follows:
      Length of Service
      (in New Zealand State Schools)
      Proportion of
      Annual Salary Rate
      20 years or more One-eighth
      10 years but less than 20 years One-twelfth
      Under 10 years No grant payable

      For the purposes of this clause, “service” means service in New Zealand state schools.
    2. Service must be continuous except that intervals of up to one year may be bridged and service aggregated, but the intervals do not count as service. If an interval exceeds one year, the qualifying service commences afresh after the interval.

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