3.14 Relieving Principal

  1. Where a teacher relieves in the position of principal for a period of more than two weeks, payment for the period concerned shall be an allowance representing the difference between his/her salary (if any) and the base salary rate that would be payable if the teacher was appointed to the position of principal but shall not be less than the rate of salary in the teacher’s own position.
  2. The allowance shall be paid from the first day of acting up including the first two weeks.
  3. This allowance shall be included in the teacher’s salary in order to calculate appropriate holiday pay for the teacher.
  4. When a permanent teacher relieves in the position of principal in the same school because the principal has been released to undertake the functions of the Kāhui Ako leadership role the teacher shall receive an allowance as per 3.14 (a) to 3.14 (c) above.
  5. Where the teacher is not undertaking the whole of the principal’s role, the allowance will be pro-rated based on the proportion of the role undertaken by the teacher. Where more than one teacher is undertaking the principal’s role, the allowance shall be pro-rated provided that the total allowance paid in combination, does not exceed the amount payable if a single teacher was acting in the role.

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