3.12 Grandparented Service Increment

    1. A permanent employee on 1 July 1992 who received a service increment shall maintain that entitlement at a rate of $1,641 per annum while the employee remains in a position covered by this Agreement.
    2. Teachers from area or secondary schools who were in receipt of a service increment under their appropriate Contract as at 10 September 1992 who then transfer to the primary service shall receive the primary service increment of $1,641 per annum.
    3. A short break in service (being less than six months) for any teacher in receipt of the service increment will not affect eligibility for the service increment.
    4. Approved paid leave and unpaid leave, parental leave, and leave for childcare purposes of less than five years will not affect eligibility for the service increment.
    5. Teachers who move from employment with one Board to another Board will continue their entitlement to the service increment unless there is a break in service of six months or more (other than a period of leave described in (d) above).

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