2.10 Hours of Work/Leave

2.10.1 Employees shall work such hours as may be reasonably required of them to enable them to properly fulfil their responsibilities as teachers whether or not such hours exceed 40 hours per week. The normal hours of work for employees should as far as practicable however not exceed 40 hours per week Monday to Friday.

2.10.2 It is acknowledged that employees are required to undertake such duties as:

    • Preparation, evaluation and assessment time generated by classes/sessions and the students within them, or by other requirements such as the need to report on the progress of individual students;
    • Counselling of students;
    • Administrative responsibilities of individual teachers;
    • Attending courses and meetings;
    • Professional development in addition to their normal class contact time, and that these factors have been taken into consideration in determining the employee’s hours of work and leave entitlements.

2.10.3 Except as provided in 2.10.1 employees shall not be required to attend school during any time when the school is officially closed for instruction. However Boards may require employees to attend school or elsewhere, when the school is closed for instruction (except on weekends or public holidays unless by agreement) for up to ten days per school year (or the equivalent) for all or any of the following purposes – school administration, school preparation and co-ordination, pre-term planning curriculum and/or technical refreshment and/or professional development. The employer will endeavour to arrange matters at the school in such a way that any requirement under this section is not unreasonable and that employees’ individual needs are taken into account. Employees’ own initiatives in undertaking work for the above purposes shall be counted when applying this clause.

2.10.4 Where employees are required to attend school or elsewhere when the school is closed pursuant to 2.10.3 they shall be reimbursed for any actual and reasonable costs incurred in accordance with Part 5 of this Agreement.

2.10.5 Any employee required by their employer to work on a Public Holiday (as listed in section 44 Holidays Act 2003) shall be paid time and a half rates as per section 50 of that Act.

2.10.6 Teachers will take their annual leave outside the gazetted term dates.

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