2.8 Termination of Employment


    1. The notice required to be given to a permanently appointed teacher who holds a position which was advertised shall be two months, and for such a teacher who holds such a position the notice to be given to the employer shall be two months, except where the teacher and the employer agree to a lesser period of notice from the teacher.
    2. Where an employer has dismissed an employee, except in cases of serious misconduct, the employer at their discretion may provide up to two months’ salary in lieu of notice. In cases of serious misconduct the provisions of clause 2.4.3(e) shall apply.
    3. Notwithstanding clause 2.8.1(a), where a long-term reliever’s employment is to terminate on the occurrence of a specified event they shall be entitled to one (1) month’s notice, or payment in lieu of the whole or remaining part of the notice on the occurrence of the event ie clause 2.8.1(a) does not apply.
    4. Except in the case of serious misconduct, where an employer dismisses an employee pursuant to clauses 2.3, 2.4 or 2.5 of this agreement, a short-term reliever shall work the full duration of time, event or project for which they are employed. No notice is therefore required by either party.
    5. The notice requirements in clause 2.8.1(a) do not apply where the Secretary for Education gives concurrence under medical retirement – serious illness.

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