4.1 General

4.1.1 As well as the number of classes a teacher may be timetabled to teach, the hours of work of individual teachers are influenced by factors such as:

    1. the preparation, evaluation and assessment time that may be generated by those classes and the students within them or by other requirements such as external examination prescriptions or the need to report on the progress of individual students;
    2. the counselling and pastoral needs of students;
    3. the administrative responsibilities of individual teachers either in respect of their curriculum or pastoral responsibilities or in respect of the general administration of the school;
    4. the responsibilities of individual teachers arising from their appointment to a Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako Teacher role; and
    5. the extent to which individual teachers may participate in the extra-curricular programmes of the school.

4.1.2 For the foregoing reasons, the parties to this agreement further acknowledge and accept that the hours of opening of schools, the structure of the timetables and like matters are designed to meet the curriculum and pastoral needs of students and are determined within each school (according to well understood national guidelines or specific legal requirements).

4.1.3 The clauses which follow identify the guidelines and requirements upon which the decisions in individual schools are made.

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