Stand-downs, suspensions, exclusions and expulsions guidelines - part 1

About the guidelines

These guidelines:

  • are designed to assist boards of trustees, principals, and teachers with their legal options and duties and meet their obligations under relevant statutory requirements, and
  • are for use in all state and state-integrated schools.

Independent schools may also wish to adopt this guide.

The Guidelines comprise:

Part 1 — Legal options and duties [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Part 2 — Good practice [PDF, 2.4 MB]

These guidelines replace those published by the Ministry of Education in June 2004 and the 2007 Supplement. The paragraphs have been numbered for ease of use and reference. Cross references to Part 2 — Good practice are given where relevant.

Licensing Criteria Cover

When the student is excluded

  • Try to arrange for a new enrolment
    • Do this as soon as possible

      1. You must try to arrange for the excluded student to be enrolled at another convenient school. If you arrange for a placement at another school and the student is ‘out of zone’, the Ministry can endorse the proposed enrolment and the student may then enrol.

      * NOTE: Contact your local Ministry office to ask for an endorsement under Section 11D of the Education Act 1989 if the student is out of zone for the new school.

      [Refer Part II, Section 3: 13 Placing excluded students]

  • Tell Ministry of Education
    • Do this immediately

      1. If you are unable to arrange for the student to enrol in another school within ten school days you must tell the Ministry of this and the steps taken in trying to arrange placement.
      2. You should only remove an excluded student from the roll when a new school has been found. This is covered in Section 17C of the Education Act 1989 which states that excluded students must stay on the school roll until they enrol somewhere else.