Guide to using ENROL

ENROL is a register of student enrolments. It lets schools update enrolments as students enrol, change schools or leave the school system.

All schools must use it.

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Changing the student's details

  1. Find the student, using the process above. You can only change details for students enrolled at your school.
  2. Click "Change details".

    If you cannot change the student's names or date of birth, contact the e-Admin Contact Centre.

    If you want to change a student’s enrolment information, such as their first day of attendance, then click "Edit enrolment". See "Correcting enrolment information" below.

    If the details you are trying to change are greyed out or if ENROL returns an ERROR 702 or 501, contact the e-Admin Contact Centre. When you send your email, make sure you attach a copy of the verification document.

  3. Make the changes, then click "Next".
  4. Click "Save" if you're happy with the changes, or click "Back" to make further changes.