New classroom set-up grant to equip new classrooms

As a board of trustees, you receive a new classroom set-up grant to equip a new classroom with teaching and learning materials.

About the grant

We provide new classroom grants to state schools for each new classroom generated by roll increases or increased staffing entitlements.

The grant is paid to state-integrated schools only if the classroom is funded through the capital assistance programme.

What's it for?

New classroom grants help to equip new classrooms with teaching and learning materials and are additional to funding for furniture and equipment.

Operational funding rates

You receive this funding quarterly through your operational grant funding at a standard rate per classroom built.

It is additional to your furniture and equipment funding.

Furniture and equipment funding for state schools

Refer to our operational funding rates to find out the grant amount.

Operational funding rates


You don’t need to apply for this grant.

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