Get connected to wireless

Wireless helps schools make full use the ultra-fast broadband connection.

Benefits of a wireless system

Installing a wireless system could:

  • help your school make full use of its ultra-fast broadband connection
  • provide your teachers and students with a more flexible teaching learning environment
  • allow you to share your connection with your community.

Use only Ministry-approved contractors

Only Ministry-approved ICT contractors can install a wireless system and/or additional wireless access points at your school.

Maintain your upgraded ICT network

Home internet access

Find out how to leverage your school’s internet infrastructure to help provide home internet for your community, and make your school a 'digital hub'.

Enabling home internet access for your community

And find out how to support students who currently have no home internet access.

Starting your project for home internet access for students

The safety of WiFi networks

The Ministry of Health provides information on the safety of using WiFi networks.

WiFi networks - Ministry of Health website(external link)

Radiofrequency field exposure standards – Ministry of Health website(external link)

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