Property data and asset management systems

Find out how to access up-to-date property data about any school, and get access to the Ministry's asset management systems such as the Helios Portal (K2), 10 Year Property Planner and MPlan.

Property Portal

You can access the following applications, information and data on the Property Portal.

  • Property Maintenance Grant (PMG)  for schools to view the details of their annual PMG.
  • School Property Guide (SPG)  for schools to work out whether they have space they’re entitled to.
  • 10 Year Property Planner  for 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) consultants and 10YPP administrators to develop (with schools) a work plan of maintenance and improvements for the next 5 and 10 year periods.
  • Notional Lease  access the latest Notional lease information for schools.
  • Helios Portal  for schools, project managers, property project administrators and 10YPP consultants to access detailed school property data including CAD plans, programme and project data, and reporting.
  • Argest  for schools to submit staff inspection confirmations and water testing results.
  • Project Management  requirements for all school property projects.
  • System Notifications  details of recent Ministry system issues and outages.

Property Portal(external link)

For reports and data that aren’t available on the Property Portal contact your local Ministry office.

Local Ministry office

Helios Portal and 10 Year Property Planner access

For 10YPP consultants, project managers, property project administrators and 10YPP administrators

Steps for new users to gain access.

Step 1 — Request an Education Sector Logon

To access plans and school data online you need to have an Education Sector Logon (a user ID/account for accessing Education Sector applications). You'll need to request an Education Sector Logon from your regional Ministry office.

Step 2 — Complete the access request form

Download and complete the access request form and take it in person to your regional property office with evidence of your identity.

Helios Portal and 10YPP Access Request Form [PDF, 910 KB]

Step 3 — Complete the compulsory training

You'll be invited to attend compulsory training on the relevant online module(s) via email from Training Services. Read more about the training below.

Step 4 — Receive logon details

Two to 6 business days after finishing your training, you'll receive information on how to access the system. From this point, you can access the applications from the Property Portal.

Property Portal(external link)

Step 5 —10 Year Property Planner access

Only 10YPP consultants, and 10YPP administrators will be set up with 10 Year Property Planner access. Once your login is received, log into the 10 Year Property Planner. This will create your 10YPP account, and then your requested schools will be added.

Access to new schools for existing users

Step 1 — Complete the Additional Schools Request Form

Complete the Additional Schools Request Form and send it to your property advisor.

Additional School Request Form [PDF, 627 KB]

Step 2 — New schools will be added to your user profile

After 2 to 6 business days the schools will be available via the Helios Portal and 10 Year Property Planner.

For principals, board chairs and executive officers

The Ministry provides an online access point via your Education Sector Logon (ESL) to property information for your school. Your ESL delegated authority will request access to the Helios Portal on your behalf.

Visit the Education Services website for more information about access levels and the application process.

Support for school delegated authorisers — Education Services website(external link)


Training is delivered via self-paced online training modules that take 10 to 25 minutes to complete. The modules are on the Ministry's Learning Management System.

Learning Management System — Training Services website(external link)

When you apply for access, you'll be sent a link to the modules.

There are 2 training modules, one each for Helios Portal and 10 Year Property Planner:

  1. 10YPP for Consultants  25 minutes.
  2. Helios Portal  10 minutes.

Note: 10YPP consultants will need to complete both modules.

User groupTraining
Schools Optional (but recommended) to view data directly in the systems within the Helios Portal.
Project managers (and administrators) Mandatory to enter data directly in the Helios Portal.
10YPP consultants (and administrators) Mandatory Helios Portal and 10YPP training to enter data directly in the 10 Year Property Planner. 

MPlan access

MPlan is a web based tool, provided by WebFM, for schools and 10YPP consultants to use for capturing school Condition Assessment data.

10YPP consultants are responsible for entering Condition Assessment data into MPlan as part of the 10YPP process.

10YPP for schools

10YPP for consultants

School principals can also have a login to access data on their school.

Getting access to MPlan

You should ask your property advisor to arrange access to MPlan when you submit your Helios Portal and 10YPP Access Request Form, or your Additional School Request Form.

You may also request MPlan access from your property advisor at any other time.


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