All-of-Government (AoG) contracts

Learn about the benefits of joining an AoG contract.

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  • Boards
  • Staff responsible for buying on behalf of their school
  • Principals and Tumuaki

AoG contracts are optional for schools to join. These centrally negotiated contracts provide many benefits to schools including access to discounted pricing and standardised terms and conditions, saving schools time and money and reducing the administrative burden associated with commonly purchased products and services.

Schools wanting to find out more about AoG contracts will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect commercially sensitive supplier information.

What is an AoG contract?

An AoG or All-of-Government contract is one that has been negotiated using the power of the government’s collective spending to secure discounted prices for the public sector, which includes schools. Contracts are set up and managed by New Zealand Government Procurement, a business unit within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Schools can choose to join these contracts, which supply commonly used goods and services, instead of having to negotiate their own.

The New Zealand Government Procurement website has more information on the types of AoG contracts available.

New Zealand Government Procurement website - AoG contracts(external link)

Who can join?

All state and state-integrated schools are eligible to join a range of contracts and it’s free to join.

How purchasing works

Each contract is different, however, generally, once you have signed up to a contract, you are required to purchase the goods and services within the scope of that contract from your chosen supplier/s. For items out of scope of the contract, you can continue to purchase these through the channels and suppliers you would normally.

See what schools have to say about AoG contracts

Craig from Wellington East Girls’ College says “At first it can be daunting, but once you’ve joined one, you are essentially replicating the same process”. See how he saved money and time with AoG contracts. 


Video transcript


When you’re buying things that you need and you’re buying them cheaper, means that you can spend it where you want to be spending money, on delivering better education outcomes.


There is 18 of these all-of-government contracts but 10 of them are really the ones that we see are a good fit for the schools and those savings can vary anything from 6% right through to around about that sort of 45%.


We kind of got addicted once we got into it. So we’ve joined the Office Supplies, we’ve joined Rental Cars, we’ve joined Travel Management Services. We’ve joined Electricity just recently, which is exciting.


There’s 800 schools that are currently signed onto one or more contracts. With the Office Supplies contract there is actually 570 today that are signed to that one. So yeah absolutely the office supplies one is a good one to start with.


We used to purchase quite a number of pallets of paper at once to be able to secure good savings. Now we can get the same price as what we were having to purchase pallets of paper for just one single ream. And what’s that meant is that we’ve got lots of space, we don’t have to order in bulk and that helps for cash flows and people like me like that.

I think it’s also easy once you’ve done one all-of-government contract. So if you haven’t done one before it’s a little bit daunting there’s some big paper work to go and sign and look through, but once you’ve figured that out joining up to other contracts is essentially the same process.  And so replicating that has worked really well across the schools.


And it does mean that the money that they’re saving here they can use it obviously somewhere else for the student’s needs. It may not necessarily be with procurement, it might be for their learning.

Assess the value of joining AoG

There are a range of tools available to help you assess the value your school can achieve by joining AoG contracts.

For information about these, send us an email at and one of the team will be in touch to help you get started.

Alternatively, you can access information about the contracts, including pricing and supply agreements, by setting up a user account with New Zealand Government Procurement using your RealMe login at New Zealand Government procurement - RealMe Login(external link).

If you need assistance with this step, you can email and one of the team will be in touch.

If your school hasn’t already signed up to an AoG contract, you’ll need to complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

By completing the NDA, your school is agreeing not to share the information it receives about suppliers and their pricing, with anyone else who does not share responsibility for buying at your school.

This is important for protecting AoG suppliers’:

  • commercially sensitive information, and
  • ability to continue to provide preferential pricing to the public sector.

You can contact us at to find out if your school has joined any AoG contracts and/or completed a NDA.

You can find a copy of the NDA at New Zealand Government Procurement - Non-disclosure agreement form(external link).

About leasing

Signing up to an AoG contract does not affect your school leasing arrangements. However, some contracts may require you to arrange a third-party purchasing agreement with your leasing provider.

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